this is about the time of december when i stop posting december photo project photos. sorry, things have gotten really busy! here's another one from matthew and laura's shoot.


today was a full day, my favorite kind. hannah and i got up early this morning and had a mini yard sale, which was mildly successful. the rest of the day was spent with friends. matthew and laura are getting married in feburary. congratulations! i met matthew last year on the passion world tour, and it was great to finally meet laura after hearing so much.
it was a pretty cold day to be romping around outside, but they didn't seem to mind that much. we found some great backdrops at the cheekwood botanical gardens. and they've asked me to photograph their wedding, thanks guys!


december photo project.

this is a shoot for sarah at fair trade teas. check out all her lovely tea blends at her website


december photo project.

testing for a product shoot this weekend.


its good to experiment

happy thanksgiving! hannah's sister audrey and her mom came to visit for some turkey and thankfulness. its nice to have new faces in the house, more people to photograph! audrey has been my guinea pig for some time now, and i hope she knows that will not stop any time soon.

and because these are so crazy, here are some out takes....


last weekend i photographed joel and rachel's wedding in huntsville, al. what a beautiful couple, wedding party, ceremony, and pretty much everything else. i really enjoyed the day with these fun loving people.


last week i got to photograph josh and ashley who just got engaged! congratulations to them. we had some really fun locations, including an airport in east nashville. we pretty much laughed the whole day. i had to tell them to stop smiling for just a couple. it was a fun day.


hannah and i are married! there is so much to say about our wedding and the days surrounding it. hannah is much better at explaining how wonderful everything was, so i guess these photos would be a perfect companion to a conversation with her. i will say that it happened just like we wanted it. lots of people we love were there, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was so fun. we have so many people to thank, mainly mr. and mrs. rice. and my guys, for the best man week i could have hoped for. if you made it to the festivities last week, thank you so much. our photographer, austin gros, should have photos up somewhere soon and i will post a link. i don't usually do captions, but i will tell you whats going on in some of these photos ---

stephen, nate, and katie at the rehearsal dinner

my dad giving a toast!

david and nate

and we're off to st. thomas!

60lbs of groceries for the week. i carried it about a mile back from the grocery store. vacationing on a budget.

our coconut adventure. shower rod, kitchen knife, success. click to see bigger.

one night we made mahi mahi. it was delicious.

we decided last minute to rent a scooter. the grocery store episode was persuasive. it was a great experience. we have started a scooter saving fund.

hannah soaking her foot in a certain sterile substance, after stepping on a sea urchin. ouch!

we treated ourselves the last night to a great dinner.