This week I worked with FashionABLE, a non for profit company that works with women in Africa to sell their scarves here in America. I photographed some of their new Fall scarves. Check them out at www.livefashionABLE.com



This weekend we visited our friends the Howell family in Montgomery. I got to spend some time making pictures of Jill, Hugh, and their son David. Later we went for a small backpacking trip with the kids and spent the night in the woods. I don't have much experience camping but I've come away with a little more know how and a new hammock to sleep in.



Will Knowles is a friend of mine who makes really amazing things out of wood. A while back I asked him to build a cabinet for my small 30 gallon saltwater fish tank. We worked for two days and finished it. There is a lot of sanding and painting work for me to do, but it's really neat to see the project almost finished. The photo at the bottom is a much larger tank I found on youtube that we based this design on.



Here is a video I worked on for Nate Johnson's cross country bike ride.