a southern christmas

we spent the holidays in hattiesburg, mississippi this year with my wife's family. when all of them end up in the same place, its a full house. we really enjoyed our time there, and i hope you had a merry christmas.


here is one more photo from my shoot with Katie.


here are some pictures I did for my friend Katie. Katie performs and records with Adam Taylor, who I got to see the other night at the Basement. Adam and Katie just finished up their lengthy tour and are traveling back home to Pennsylvania. Please check out their music here.



today is a snowy christmas day in nashville.
i'll have some new work to post soon, cross my heart.


we spent this last week in oklahoma with my family celebrating thanksgiving. i took some family pictures that i will show later, but here are some of my big brother david. david works for a fraternity in charlotte, north carolina. these pictures don't do a good job of showing how david is outgoing and funny, and brings the party to just about anything.


a holiday cocktail

1 part spiced rum, 2 parts simply apple juice


if i've photographed your wedding in the last year, you should have got an email from me today. if you didn't, it's time again for the full resolution disc sale. click here for details!

in the meantime, during a mild trampoline episode, my glasses were broken. i have managed to glue them back together, and they are currently holding strong. also, you should click over to hannah's blog, and read about how we had our wedding rings tattooed on our anniversary.
and lastly, congratulations to my brother david for running his 3rd full marathon yesterday in Washington D.C., raising money for Push America, helping serve people with disabilities.

here is picture of us a long time ago. when we get together now, it's really not much different.

***This just in****
Joe and his ipod costume were featured on USA Today's Pop Candy blog. Click here to check it out. That both of my brothers now that have been featured on the blog. If you don't remember, David was featured here for attending the best worst movie premiere. It looks like I'm going to need to figure out a way to show up on this blog if I want to have a scrap of dignity.


my little brother joe is a senior in high school. we traveled to chicago this last week to take these pictures and to celebrate our 1st anniversary. i love my wife.


here's a stop motion test i did this week. not sure how to imbed it properly.
stop motion video


last weekend hannah and i and our friend hannah took a quick road trip to florida. here are some photos from our time at the beach.


my first motorbike

it needs a little tlc before its legal and reliable, but i rode it today for the first time, and i was laughing and shouting and grinning.


yesterday i did a test shoot with sarah emily, a friend of hannah and i's. she did so good, this was her first time modeling. we also brought over some little details from her house.


krista and philip were married in franklin last week, and it was a lovely day! lots of details and personality, my favorite kind of wedding. krista was so much fun to work with, please check out her wedding blog, becoming mrs. dial. congratulations friends!