a few months ago i worked on an advertising campaign for TUMILA. the website is up, check it out!


baby kate!

this week was spent in mississippi planning my wedding with hannah! we have accomplished so much, and yet there is much more to be done before Oct 17th. we are so excited. it was so great to spend some time with her family, including her sister haley and her baby kate. kate was so adorable, and fun to photograph. check out haley's blog here


an atlanta wedding

last weekend i was in atlanta at my friends daniele and eric's wedding. they chose an art gallery to have the ceremony and reception, and it proved to be really amazing. much of daniele's brazilian family came and introduced some rich culture to the event. it was so neat to see some of their wedding traditions mixed in! and its always great to get to work in atlanta, because i get to see all my friends from passion and six steps records.