my friend becka and i did a quick photoshoot the other day before hannah and i drove to chicago. it was really fun! to me they capture becka's unique personality. hannah and i spent a couple days in chicago with my family, and i got to help them set up a salt water aquarium for the house. great learning experience. in fact, i was busy most of the time there with one project or another, and i was completely happy. we brought wilco along and he kept himself busy with my parent's golden retriever, lucy. one of the days we went on a bike ride around their little suburb. it seems the nice weather up there followed us home too.


hannah and i celebrated my birthday with a trip to the georgia aquarium in atlanta. it was so amazing. i've always been drawn to marine life, and i'm obsessed with getting a salt water tank of my own someday. so the fact that this is the largest aquarium in the world and that it has four whale sharks made the visit a no brainer. we were not disappointed. maybe someday we'll have way too much money laying around and we'll go back and pay to scuba dive in the big tank with the whale sharks...


yesterday i got the chance to work with the lovely kate murphy, i helped her photograph chris and cory's wedding in belle meade. chris and his guys were from pennsylvania, so it was great to get a little northern culture for a change. their wedding was all about subtle, colorful style. and what a location!


hannah and i are hard at work trying to finish everything for the wedding. i can't believe it's only six weeks away! today i'm staining all the envelopes for invitations. i'm kind of behind. although i'm happy that our engagement is short, i wish it were longer so i could have more time to blog about all the details and personality we are putting into it.