The Basement, Last Installment

This concludes the Basement series, thanks for viewing! 1st and 2nd post.


Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Yesterday Hannah and I spent the day at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, it was so much fun! Check out their website here. I think the best part for me was the birds of prey people, and their owls. Also, it was impressive how well the actors stayed in character all day, accent and all.

Me: What's your name?
Troll: I'm Ick, and I'm the King of the Trolls!
Me: Well you are the most interesting looking person here.
Troll: That's because I drink Dos Equis!!


Come this November, I will become a father for the first time.


Daniel and Julie's continuation will post soon, but first a few photos of my new friend Drew. I spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC, with my big brother and he showed me a good time. We spent the last evening doing a quick photo shoot.