thank god for good friends and large trucks.

the past few days have been a blur! i got back from chicago and basically had time to unload my car and sleep before loading back up to drive to jackson mississippi to photograph a wedding. hannah and i's mutual friends racheal and jeff were married saturday night, congratulations! it was a really fun night- i will post some of my favorites soon. afterwards hannah and i went in search of a cup of coffee, and she ended up getting stuck in some mud trying to pull into a gas station to ask directions. she called some good friends to come rescue us with their truck, who were on their way home from the wedding. with their help we worked for over an hour trying free the car, and finally called another friend who lived close by with a bigger truck, who managed to pull the car out single handedly. i have a new respect for southern people and their over sized vehicles.

over christmas break my mom showed me how to polish shoes properly, a skill i no doubtedly have need for.


  1. Daniel! Thanks for helping Hannah out of that awful mud! And I am sorry about your shoes. That looks like a job for, I don't know, a power hose, before you get down to the polishing. Yikes.