hey here my favorites from my shoot with daniel and then with casey and his girlfriend, rachel - from the same jam-packed day in mississippi.

this weekend i drove down to mississippi and did three shoots in one day! it was madness, but so much fun. got to visit with my friends casey and daniel from high school, and i photographed them and my new friend shelby. casey and daniel's photos are coming, here are some of my favorites of shelby. its so great to revisit a place you lived several years ago and still have great friends to welcome you back.


  1. Daniel, I can't tell you how amazing these are. Seriously. Little Krebs looks amazing!

    And that woman in the picture is beautiful. I guess you didn't have to try that hard for those pics to be amazing.

  2. thanks buddy. hope that dog is treating you well.

  3. i love the couple in front of the tree! great direction!

  4. The tree. I am speechless....