big news

here's a quick update. the big news is that i've been asked to travel with Passion on their world tour this summer as their photographer. you may remember that back in 2008 i traveled with them as a photo assistant, to the legend himself, jeremy cowart. it was a massive tour with 17 events in 16 countries. this time the tour is less than half the size, but were still revisiting tokyo, hong kong, and london, some of my favorite cities from the previous tour. to see where all we'll be going, and to learn more about what Passion World Tour is about, click here. this is a really big honor for me, and i'm really excited about it. the first trip leaves the beginning of may, so be sure to come back for updates. here's some photos and a video from the 2008 tour.


click this video a few times to see it in youtube, it won't be cropped.


  1. That is so ridiculously awesome. Congrats. An amazing adventure awaits you! Jealous. :)

  2. How great!! Its so cool to see the amazing opportunities God is opening up for you!

  3. That's so cool! See you in Manila! Gonna miss J.Co though. Happy tour! :)