Last year I did some photos for my friend Nate, actually right when he bought his bike from Gran Fondo and was absolutely giddy about it. Since then we've rode countless miles together across Nashville: to and from Percy Priest Dam, late nights through downtown, who knows where else. The other week Nate and I were talking and he just brought up a cross country ride out of nowhere. It only took a few seconds for me to invite myself along. "Dip your rear wheel in the Atlantic, and your front wheel in the Pacific." Well, just about the same time I had researched all the camping gear, bike accessories, and raw nerve I needed to acquire, and convinced my wife that I absolutely needed to do this, I realized I had committed to photograph a wedding in North Carolina in the middle of the possible window of our trip. This doesn't work, because, well, the middle of southern America is more like somewhere in Texas. My dreams of being apart of the journey were crushed, and now the least I can do is offer up those photos and support Nate as he attempts this feat alone. Visit the trip blog and read all about it.

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