This is my friend Travis, he is in a band you may have heard of. We got to spend some time together at his place in Atlanta; I had traveled up there for a tattoo from Anchor Tattoo in Athens. I went with Travis and some friends to see a Leagues show, and it made the trip that much better.


  1. Okay, so weird story, I almost bought that head that is in the last picture. It's a Phrenology model. In case you were wondering if you should know what that is, you shouldn't. But if you are interested in a good story, ask Hannah about how PawPaw has told every person in our family that has had a child that their kid is going to be a smart one, because he can tell by the shape of their head. I sure hope you and Hannah don't let the family down by having a baby that PawPaw doesn't feel fits the "good head" criteria. I mean, you can pretty much predict your child's ACT scores with this method. It's science. NBD.