Bicycle Restore

Over the last month or so I've been spending spare time restoring a vintage Schwinn bicycle for my friend Sara. Once upon a time, Schwinn made really great bicycles. Although now it seems they have started making quality bikes again, for a while you could find Schwinn bikes in department stores, and they worn't worth their weight in, well, anything. This one came from the glory days, and while in rough shape on the outside, the frame and wheels were worth preserving. Anyway, here's what I did with it. I'm sure Sara is going to be thrilled.

Using a nasty can of stripper, the paint started bubbling off the frame in minutes. When little drops of the stuff ended up on my arm or something it would immediately start burning and I would run inside and wash it off.


if you have an old bicycle in need of some love, give me a shout.


  1. Good Lord, Daniel. This is the most gorgeous bike. I am in awe. How did you get the markings back on it after painting it? The logo, etc.